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Gsmworld is a sub section of Export & import that deals with authorized distribution, B2B, R2 & Non Profit orgnizations for wholesale Used & 14 Days Mobile Phones worldwide. Gsmworld distributes and provides end-to-end solutions. It was formed with the main aim of introducing appropriate and affordable electronics to businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world regardless of size that support the electronics needs of end users including businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and consumer markets.

An increase in demand for electronics all over the world served as the drive for Gsmworld, a subsidiary of Tekoffers. With its well-built global network, Gsmworld supplies Used & 14 Days Used Mobile Phones worldwide. We are well known for our unbeatable prices! We also present reconditioned and refurbished products on the grand scale..

Adding value and continuously developing our distribution services is the pillar of our business. We offer esteemed distribution services as well as a range of different activities, supporting sales & visibility in retail stores. Therefore, whenever you need high-quality electronics on time and within budget, you can count on Gsmworld to deliver aptly, as we are the world’s leading distributor of computer and consumer electronics. We also boast of a product range that is continuously developing, being refined to match our clients’ needs, constantly expanding and include the latest electronic equipment.

Gsmworld is committed to innovative growth and speaks the new language of success. The company’s main goal is to achieve & satisfy the requirements of our valued clientele through the promotion and assurance of quality customer service, and the continuous improvement of our service delivery standards. We supply software and Hardware installation services, troubleshooting products, instructions and training for the product users. We put our clients’ needs as our first priority ensuring that they enjoy the best state of our products and services.  We also provide electronic equipment and accessories along with our services, as well as provide Value Added Electronics (New, Used, and Refurbished) and custom fit services covering areas of health and education.

Although the devices are designed for rugged use to face extreme hardship, we also provide customer support to serve our customers. After all, we are here to serve our clients and ensure that they are comfortable and fully satisfied.

Gsmworld commits to produce excellent standards by practicing high quality disposal of electronic waste, and ensuring that this service is always conducted in an environmentally friendly manner, and that the processes involved during the disposal would be conventional to and comply with all relevant legislations as enforced by the recognized authorities. This efficient waste management and disposal contributed to the company receiving the R2 certification. R2 standard provides a general set of safety measures, procedures and records needed for a business that repairs and recycles used electronics. We are proud to be among the 530 facilities in 21 countries currently holding this certification.
Gsmworld is dedicated to the responsibility of being a good steward of the environment. In all circumstances, it will aspire to constantly emphasize awareness of the natural environment, at the same time maintaining a level of proficiency which demonstrates genuine leadership in all aspects of the environment. We save humanity from health hazards related to improper handling of electronic wastes.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In essence, a new piece of equipment added to a product  makes it operational with OEM parts. These parts may be made by the manufacturer itself, or by the equipment supplier.  Buying OEM parts translates to getting the same part that originally came with your unit – and there are some huge benefits to that.

Since OEM parts and components are created and tested according to the manufacturers’ specifications and high-standards, OEM items are guaranteed to be high-quality.  They are also guaranteed to be compatible with your equipment and to perform according to factory specs.

OEM parts automatically facilitate access to a wide variety of support.  

OEM parts are sure to last longer than some aftermarket parts due to the high quality material and standardized testing as they are specifically designed to ensure optimal performance and proper conditioning of your equipment

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of OEM parts is that each part comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.  Every OEM warranty is different, but if you receive your part with any defects, or if it’s faulty, the manufacturer will quickly replace the part.

There is no better investment.  Since the OEM part or component is designed to fit and perform to factory specifications, it increases the life of your equipment.  This will save you money and reduce any down time in the long run.  

When it comes to spare parts or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Gsmworld is known for its excellent provision. We provide both OEM and non-OEM parts for multiple renown brands moreover, our network reaches worldwide customers. Some of the available items are LG, Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, etc. When a customer requests for a certain part of the products we offer, we are certain to provide it. We treat our customers with diligence and show them topmost hospitality.